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A Short List of Things I've Done At The Bar That I Probably Should Not Have

I have been 21 for less than a year

1. Completed the final draft of an essay in between Stella's on Pub Wednesday

2. Correctly balanced my checkbook when I became too anxious about spending money on alcohol

3. Stuffed a flask in my spanx so that the bouncer would be unable to get me in trouble for trying to get drunk for free

4. Gone to other people's bar crawls to save money on a bus downtown

5. Cried on the dance floor because I no longer wished to hold my drink and was feeling emotional about not having my hands free

6. Brought an entire loaf of bread and a full jar of peanut butter in my backpack so I would not spend money on a pizza after drinking

7. Walked to the bar straight from class, backpack in hand

8. Completed my resume

9. Written my phone number on the receipt for a bar tender that I spoke one sentence to 

10. Yelled at a man for being misogynistic after he only said 'hello' to me

11. Discussed how the programs put on by WWE were both gay and body positive to a group of surrounding drinkers who were trying to watch a wrestling match in peace

12. Listened to my own music via headphones in the middle of a dance floor

13. Thought that drinking a margarita pitcher to myself would benefit me in the long run

14. Finished this list

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